#NEWS | S.Y. 2019–20 Elections: The Candidates of Batch 2025

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by Murielena Monique Siapco and Juan Antonio Miguel Malagar

Tomorrow, on September 2 will be the Miting de Avance for 2025’s first elections here in Pisay. Running for the elections are LEAD (Lead with Equality, Act with Dignity) Party, composed of Leon Isaak Chua (President), Juliene Nissi Palada (Vice President), Ayen Bermudo (Secretary), Lerwin Cheng (Treasurer) and Galaena Alferez (Auditor), and Samantha Gianan who is running for the position of President, independently.

Samantha Nicole Gianan, independent.

“On October, I plan to have a Clean and Green Batch 2025 program that lets the students clean Pisay as a batch. Meanwhile on February, I hope to create a Study Groups Challenge that allows students to befriend each other and help each other academically.” — Gianan

From top to bottom, left to right: Cheng (Treasurer), Bermudo (Secretary), Chua (President), Alferez (Auditor), Palada (Vice President)

“We, the LEAD Party, will always remember our duties as to be hardworking, self-giving, and above all to be humble and have humility. As our slogan, “Lead with Equality, Act with Dignity”, we all deserve each other’s respect. It gives life meaning. We aim to make us and our batch mates reach out for the best of ourselves and achieve our goals despite the challenges waiting around the corner.” — LEAD Party

In order for 2025 to know them better, we asked the candidates to answer a few questions.

If you win, how do you plan on working with the other party’s candidates?

Gianan: My plan is to become close with those said candidates in order for us to communicate better with each other. When making decisions as a council, I hope to combine our ideas in a way that will satisfy the batch. I also believe that they are intelligent and resourceful candidates which is why I hope for the best.

LEAD: In the case where the other presidential candidate wins, we still need to accomplish our tasks and achieve our goals for the batch as Batch Council members. It is our duty. We want to attain unity in our batch. Henceforth, we should help each other achieve this without being selfish. In the end, we are still the same with the same mindset and goals.

What’s your vision for your batch and how do you plan to achieve this?

Gianan: My vision is to help create a batch of students that are also friendly and helpful with one another. I plan to do this in simple ways. This can be done through creating activities that may bring them closer and by also personally helping my fellow batchmates.

LEAD: Our vision is for our batch to be more hardworking, responsible, and above all being humble. We hope that all of the students in our batch will be able to complete the 6 years of PSHS together as a family. We envision our batch to be balanced, to know when to step away from social media and to know the best time to rest. We envision everybody to help each other and to be open-minded, to support our fellow batchmates and to keep our studies as one of our top priorities. We hope to be able to achieve these as a team. We will do our best to be able to contribute to our batch so that their high school years may be one of their most memorable ones.

Why did you decide to run for batch council?

Gianan: I decided to run for the council because I know I can properly lead my batchmates well. I also know that I can represent the batch well through the values of a Pisay student. Most of all, I only wish to serve my batchmates.

LEAD: We ran for Batch Council because we want to contribute to the batch and help them cope with their surroundings. We believe the job of the Batch Council is to work to help students. We are not running because we like power and attention. We are running because we believe that we can make this school that we love so much, a better place for all of us–a place where we can enjoy and learn with some of the best teachers and resources in the country. It would be an honor to be able to lead our fellow batchmates, and all young intellectuals. We, the LEAD Party, also want all of us to fulfill our goals and our ambitions.

If you are elected, what obstacles do you think you will face and how will you overcome them?

Gianan: I know that I may face obstacles such as arguments and problems in activities. I plan to overcome those issues with proper decision-making and control over my emotions because I believe that these will solve issues faster and more efficiently.

LEAD: There are obviously some obstacles and challenges we need to face when we are elected for council. These are only some of the many challenges that we ought to face: One is time management. We have to manage our time wisely so that we can both finish our school work and assignments together with the responsibility of being elected as Batch Council. Second is bullying. We should stop bullying others because it can worsen as time comes. Bullying can affect you yourself. Don’t hurt others just to get the acceptance of other people, the fame, or the pride. Bullying is wrong, and we believe it is a challenge we should all face together. Third is eating right and staying healthy. It can help yourself to be more active, and help achieve your academic goals. Above all, we hope that we can face and endure all of these challenges and can make the right decisions.

Why should your batchmates vote for you?

Gianan: They should vote for me because I know that I can serve them greatly with all my heart. I can also be known to them as not only a leader but also as a friend. As much as I hope to win, I hope that my batchmates may vote wisely.

LEAD: You should vote for us because we think that we can help other people to change and to face the many struggles in everyday life. It is our responsibility as Batch Council to help people who need it, because there are some students who can’t talk about their problems openly. We, the LEAD Party, want to change this; we aim to make the batch a better version of themselves. We will make sure that we will analyze and will take view on what the best decision is. We want to change and help those students who are anxious and shy, to make a better person of themselves, and thus, make us more sociable with other people.

The 2025 Miting De Avance will be held tomorrow, September 2, at the 3rd Floor Auditorium from 3:00–3:50 PM. The links to their full GPoAs can be found here:


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