by Veritas Bellator*

Trigger warning: This article contains mentions of pedophilia and sexual harassment.

Last June 2020, students from Miriam College High School spoke up about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the school. Not long after, students from other schools like St. Theresa’s College and Marikina Science High School also spoke up. All of these stories shed light on how sexual harassment is still rampant in schools across the Philippines. It’s been more than a year since these incidents came to light, and yet it’s as if school administrations learned nothing from these incidents.

On September 13, 2021, a…

by Joelle Oribiana

Amidst the plethora of fake news nowadays, science communication has become a popular avenue for spreading information in the hopes of sharing accurate knowledge on science-related topics to the masses.

Raising awareness and sharing information about science is no longer just for the experts. Science communication has become a way for making education, specifically of the science field, more accessible to people. To promote this practice, the Breakthrough Prize Foundation partnered with Khan Academy, National Geographic and Cold Spring to host the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (BJC).

The BJC is an annual global competition for students aged 13…

by Kurt Ceballos & Paolo Linsangan

The virtual senior year of 2021 came with heavy workloads, difficulties in communication, and exhausting college applications. “Challenging” would be an understatement.

The workload

The school year started without ceremonies and friendly reunions. The welcomes and orientations were short-lived, leaving little breathing room before the work began. The upcoming workload already looked like a lot. There were a few complaints, but the workload generally seemed to be manageable. At least, they did at first. As the weeks went by, however, all those small backlogs started adding up, eventually leaving students with no free time.

by Sam Gianan

Image captured by Sir Joselito Englatera.

Philippine Science High School–Main Campus (PSHS–MC) began its first vaccination program for its employees on June 17, 2021. The program took place at the Advanced Science and Technology Building (ASTB) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The vaccine given was CoronaVac, which is a Chinese-based vaccine from the company Sinovac. The vaccines were supplied by the Quezon City government.

According to Sir Lawrence Madriaga, the school’s campus director, the vaccination program was exclusive for PSHS–MC and Office of the Executive Director (OED) employees. Recipients of the vaccine included the Executive Director, the Management Committee, teachers, staff, guards…

by Clyde Arellano

It is common knowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on everyone’s mental health; and as the pandemic rages on, it’s only expected that it will continue to do so.

Indeed, studies have shown that social isolation has been proven to have very severe effects on a person’s psyche, especially on that of young children and adolescents. With various governments around the world enforcing mandatory lockdowns and strict quarantine measures in an effort to curb the spread of SARS-CoV-2, social isolation has been the norm for many, if not everyone, at some point during…

by Cathleen Baroy

*This was an entry to Econ No Mix 2021’s essay writing competition.

When talking about measures against COVID-19, we always hear this message from our government officials: “We need to boost our economy.” However, this message comes often at the expense of critical pandemic responses. Economic efforts, such as the reopening of businesses, entail easing of quarantine restrictions. The government has spun a narrative where health & economic wreath cannot coexist.

Filipinos are no strangers to dichotomies.

We’ve already seen this in the political arena, long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Complex discussions are wrapped in black-and-white, or…

by Elijah Mejilla

Last January, students of different grade levels ran for batch council (BC) offices, heeding the call to lead their fellow batchmates. For batch 2023, however, there were no candidates.

In a Facebook post, the Students’ Electoral Commission (SEC) declared that no one from the batch ran for any of the available positions. This left the 2023 BC office vacant, alongside the SC and 2025 BC offices. The SEC announced that the elections would be delayed while they worked towards a solution.

Second candidacy

A second candidacy period was held a month later to fill in the remaining…

by Lucas Khan

11SA, the party currently holding positions on the 2022 Batch Council, was formed during the early days of the pandemic. Members Jose Mariano Suba (president), Neil Nubert Paguia (vice president), Andrey Clarice Gelogo (secretary), Anne Maricar Maralit (treasurer), and Ron Angelo Gelacio (auditor) drew up their plans of action last May 2020, expecting the return of face-to-face classes and batch council elections in a few short months.

Like most of us, however, the pandemic threw a massive curveball into all their plans. While most of 11SA had previously been batch council officers, being a student leader at…

by Pauleen Aquino

This school year, the elected Batch 2026 Council officers were Angelo Mananghaya for President, Javi Apao for Vice President, Grandis Frias for Secretary, Jhoenica Gellido for Treasurer, and Franchezca Sabino for Auditor.

Unlike the former batch council elections, this year’s elections were held entirely online. Students were sent posters, videos, and other campaign materials through email and social media, informing the voters of the candidates running for the election. Through the materials, the candidates stated their platforms, plans, and programs for the batch.

Online election experiences

When asked what it was like having an election held online…

by Mason and Meredith*

*The authors have opted to use pseudonyms.

Last January 29, the PSHS-MC Students’ Electoral Commission (SEC) ‘20-’21 announced the newly elected Batch Council Officers of Batch 2024 for the rest of the school year, which is composed of Alex Andal (President), Xander Rubico (Vice President), Karl Bueser (Secretary), Mathew Serna (Treasurer), and Anika Panopio (Auditor), who are all part of SINAG.

In the midst of a pandemic, leadership is much more challenging since interaction is limited to online platforms, which is a barrier to the unity of the batch in this case. …

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